First impressions. is the very first online platform in United States which dedicates itself to share oriental culture and art to public. Our name, “Dong Cun (Chinese: 東村)”, means oriental village. We believe traditional oriental culture is the aesthetics of nature, whereas village is the natural symbol of this very aesthetics. You may consider as an online village with traditional oriental culture and art in the modern society.


Core idea.

Enjoying life with oriental culture is our core value.  At times, some people may misunderstand traditional oriental culture, feeling it is mysterious, cold,somewhat otherworldly and is isolated from the modern society. Truth is, traditional oriental culture can make life full of flavor. It matches seamlessly with modern lifestyle, emphasizing nature, health, wellness simplicity and downshifting life. To help more people start to understand the true oriental culture values,we will continue introducingand sharing traditional oriental culture and art with the public, providing you with opportunities to enjoy oriental aesthetics and to understand oriental philosophy in daily life.

Culture opens the sense of beauty.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our mission.

We provide original content to public by exploring and collecting oriental elements from a variety of museum exhibitions, traditional art performances, as well as all aspects of basic necessities. . Besides, we select the most representative oriental cultural treasure or art works and introduce them through onsite events with a face-to-face demonstration and discussion. we also provide customized oriental services and products such as calligraphy, painting, stamp carving, incense ceremony, porcelain and musical instruments.

Join us.

Wherever you are, welcome to join!  We are looking forward to exploring any oriental elements related topics in your life. It can be from an exhibit related to oriental culture and arts, to a delicious street food from East Asia. Please follow us on our website and social media, we will update our onsite events periodically.

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